About The Founder, Shane Huang

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I graduated with an Engineering and Finance Degree at the University of Sydney 🎓 and I am currently working as a Quantitative Trader in a top global proprietary trading firm.

My strongest subject is Mathematics ➗ and I share how I apply mathematical probability to sports betting in my courses and free videos on my YouTube channel ❤ 

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Why I am passionate about sports betting education:

I first learned about arbitrage sports betting in 2020 from a quantitative trading colleague and have since learned more and developed and honed my own strategies over the past 3+ years, making over $53,000 in profit myself and taught over 220 students to make thousands themselves.

 I’m frustrated many people lose money gambling, whether that be an addiction or lack of understanding of why they are expected to lose. 

I want to make it the opposite so they can make money instead by understanding the underlying mathematical principles because that is all betting is about.