🥳 What you can expect to get out of it? 🥳

Have made back the cost of the course after 1 month

I will show live examples to demonstrate concepts and using similar bets that you find, you can expect to make back the full cost of the subscription. Money back guarantee if you don’t. You can expect to make ~$200 to $1k each week on average from the strategies taught going forward yourself. 

Effectively Learn how to find fair odds with an exchange / sharp sportsbook

you will have learned how to use a betting exchange (Betfair), and understand how it works. You will be able to determine the fair odds mathematically for any sporting event using either the exchange
(if available ) or sharp sportsbook by removing the juice

Be able to capittalise on +EV oppotunities independently on 6 of my recommended sportsbook

You will be able to understand and find +EV and arbitage betting opportunities independentky. you will be able to use the excel betting models provided in the most optimal way and easily determine the best bets yourself

Track and analyse your betting performance effectively

You will know how to use the P&L tracker to easily see how much money you have made each week. You will see where profits are high and which book makers are struggling so you can adjust your betting strategy accordingly. You will be kind of like a professional quant trader at this point. 

What's included in the course?

⏰ 6 x structured 1 hour recorded classes based on a course plan, taught by Shane. (See Course structure below for more details) 

⁉ Exclusive Q&A  Discord for Sessions for those who are falling behind or want to clarify some betting concepts where you can ask questions to clarify your understanding with me and other members

🏛 Lifetime access to the recorded classes and Q&A  strategy updates and tips

💰 Full explanations and live examples of the strategies I have developed and optimised in the past year of betting (which made me $53000+ and counting)

📖 4 sets of practice questions (based on real bet examples) with answers and detailed solutions included to help you consolidate your understanding

🏅 The Sports Betting Strategy Models are included in the package. I will be explaining how you use it most effectively and it will complement the lessons

📨 Special 45 day free subscription to oddsjam Betting Software ( valued at $299 USD!)

💲 Money Back Guarantee: You will be refunded in full if you have attended all the classes, done the homework questions, and you do not make back what you spent to purchase the course within 1 month of betting. (I only offer this because I am that confident you will make it back 😉) Note this only applies if you are in US State with legalized sports betting

Course Structure

The course is split up into 5 lessons (one lesson has 2 parts). Each video lesson is about 1 hour in length and will be made available all at once and you are free to watch them in your own time. 

Even after Lesson 5, you will still have access to everything through the recordings and in case of any issues that arise, a Discord channel is available for you and the fellow alumni of the program. I will also be there to answer any new issues and questions to ensure you are 100% ready.

This Course is for you if

  • You either have a reasonable understanding of mathematical probability or are very eager and willing to put in the effort to learn. I recommend you only take the course if you could understand my Sports betting Scam Video


  • You are confident with primary school mathematics. Understanding of decimals, percentages, multiplication and fractions is critical for the betting models. This will be assumed knowledge.


  • You are humble and really want to learn and will ask questions in the discord q-a if you are unsure or don’t understand something. If you are stuck or unsure, then make sure to ask me in the discord. It is crucial your understanding is perfect or else you can lose money. 


  •  You can see arbitrage and +EV betting as a small side hustle that will supplement your income by a few hundred dollars each week and are willing to take it seriously by spending a few hours. 

This course is not for you if

  • You think this is an easy way to get rich quick. (Arbitrage betting requires putting in time and effort, especially in the beginning to learn. Don’t expect to be making $1000’s of dollars by doing nothing. You will need to do the weekly quizzes and work I give you. 


  • You do not enjoy and are not very good at mathematics. (Unfortunately this course isn’t for you. All of the theory and strategies rely entirely on mathematical principles so it is essential you know these to be able to be independent and bet later yourself.)


  • You just want to get my “expert tips” and don’t want to learn how to figure out what the good bets are yourself. This course is designed to TEACH you, NOT FEED YOU. 


  • You are not legally allowed to bet on sports (e.g. you are underage etc. – Please just don’t sign up… )

What People Have Said (and Made!)

This course is simply awesome. Detailed breakdown of every key knowledge area needed to understand and make money from betting in a sustainable manner. I have been following the courses along with the sports betting strategy package and other tools provided and have made $6000 in 6 weeks. Definitely worth the initial investment !

Joshua Farrugia

Shane taught me so much about betting because originally I had no strategies and was just betting randomly, losing thousands of dollars. But after he taught me the correct strategies and how to reduce the risks of losing I not only made back my money but made 4000 dollars in profits and still continue to make profits to this day


Lelong Hu

Shane's course was incredibly helpful in facilitating my understanding on arbitrage betting. It was well structured and thorough, providing me with the all the insight needed to navigate the world of sports betting and the practices of the bookies in order to make it advantageous to us bettors. So much so that it has now acted as a very stable source of income. I would highly recommend it to anyone with the motivation to achieve this and has an interest in mathematical methods of gaining advantages in betting. Thank you, Shane!

Gian Hipolito

I always thought there was a way to beat the sports books and make money and I finally figured out how when I learnt the strategies from Shane. I’ve already made $6000 and I can continue to make money by myself since I understand how it all works now. The extra money is definitely nice to have!

Daniel Jung

I saved up 2k to get started as suggested and for the $430 to purchase the course and it was the best investment i’ve made as a 19 year old. It’s easy to learn and informative. I made $850 my first weekend applying what I learnt from him the just before the 5th and last class. So I thank Shane heaps as I’ll be saving for my car much faster now lmao.


Fahmi Adem

Awesome value from this course. I was able to return my initial investment from purchasing it, and much much more. Would highly recommend!


Sebastien Nakhoul

The course was very well put together and had a nice and steady progression pace. Having a Discord server to ask further questions after the course has been completed is also extremely nice to have. The included PNL tracker and calculators are also a nice and helpful addition to the already well-made course. 

Vinh Nguyen

Shane's lessons were very helpful as it helped me made at least $500/week as he said, sometimes $750 or $800 if I'm lucky. But I only recommend this to anyone who has enough discipline and treats this as a side hustle, not as a money-generating miracle, as his lessons require you to fully understand the concepts.

Omi Doan

Great 101 introduction to the sports betting world. Loved how clear Shane was. Would only recommend more visuals and excel examples but overall great course!!! Would recommend

Christopher Vu

Product was great value and content. Got a lot out of the final videos which summarised the content based over the other videos. Felt as though it was the same as doing it live being able to hear the questions asked regularly which he answered every one of them.

Ian McCoy

very helpful tips specially the profit tracker. shane saved me from betting crazy and losing my whole bank. its not a quick profit but its safer and good for long term

carlos Sy

Eligibility Requirements to Participate in the Course

🌏 You should be a US or Canadian resident, over the age of 21, and are legally allowed to bet on sports. Sports Betting should be legalized in your state – check if it is here. (You do not need to already have any accounts – in fact it’s much better if you don’t). You can still join if you are from overseas as a lot of the principles will be the same for international bookies but I will not be able to give the Money Back Guarantee if you are not from the United States and purchase this course. 

💵 You have at least $2000 cash ($5000 is preferable and you will make more faster) available to deploy across multiple sportsbooks. This is because arbitrage and +EV sports betting requires some decent amount of cash. 

🤵 You DO NOT need to know anything about sports at all. I did not even know what a touchdown was nor heard of a single player when I first started betting and yet NFL has been one of my most profitable sports. Some basic mathematical background will be beneficial however, although it is not required. 


$ 199
  • Customized strategy models
  • 6 x 1-hour recorded tutorials
  • Real life examples used by me to make $53,000+
  • Lifetime access to my exclusive Discord server
  • Money back guarantee for US/Canadian residents
  • Special 45 day free subscription to OddsJam Betting Software (valued at $299 USD!)